Monday, 28 November 2011


well, heres my Trex diorama so far

well, plenty of practice in this one, and plenty left to do!

trex: 4800 tris
velociraptor: 4500 tris
all other props: <500 tris
textures all less than 1024x1024 normal, diffuse and spec.

feel free to ask any questions!

The east-man

oh yeah, i LOVE clint eastwood!

so heres my WIP of clints handsome mug:

plently of practice with zbrush and observational painting here. stay tuned for more of thise western hero.

Metal practice knight

WEll, best start with my current project named "procrastinate" as im using him as my "anti artists block" piece haha.

great practice for metal and lighting, very fun :)

The first post of a new blog

Hello all!

My name's Robert Higgins and this should be the first of many posts in my new art blog. here you can see my latest projects on the go in both 3d and 2d.

so stay tuned and enjoy!